Of course, you can just come here to write, paint, compose – whatever moves you. But one of the things we aim to offer here is a little healing. I have a personal history and deep interest in the relationships between (particularly childhood) trauma and illness, trauma and writing, and writing ‘through’ illness. I want to explore these things more, having spent the last few years studying this triangle, as well as employing some of the most wonderful (but still little-known body-based therapies) that can bridge the so-called divide between the mind and body and so allow healing to happen.

For one thing, the setting of the house and its land and trees have a remarkable atmosphere. When I found the house, I felt at once the nurturing power of this setting. I hope to be able to share that with like-minded people; just by being here, I think you will benefit from this nourishment. I have shared many conversations with people, both therapists and patients, around bodies that are sometimes less than we might want them to be. We can continue this web of conversation during your time here, or you can just quietly be (with) the thing you are trying to create. Change is possible. Many people don’t believe it is, because to affect change takes work, sometimes a lot of it, and it can be easier just to throw your hands up at the situation, and surrender. Surrendering can also at times be our ally, and a spell at Inspire will hopefully allow you some simple time to restore yourself.


Some of the weeks here are especially focussed on the combination of writing and yoga. These weeks will feature a session with Tanya Smith, a wonderful local yoga teacher, every morning; here, in the library, on the terrace, or in the garden under the trees. Yoga is a powerful way to align the intentions of your body and mind, and help liberate your creativity, by stepping away from the ego for a while.

Body work

We can also arrange particular body therapies; there are a range of wonderful people I work with here who can bring some balance back into your health, such as Pascaline, an amazingly-talented local physiotherapist/massage therapist.

If you would like to add in something of this kind while you are here, from a simple massage to a tailor-made ritual for your own story, we can discuss it and arrange it. Please just feel free to ask. Go here for the contact form.