Who is ‘Inspire’?

The writer Marcus Sedgwick is the host of these retreats. Whether you want hands-on help with your writing, or know what you want to work on and just need the perfect space to make it happen, Marcus has over fifteen years’ experience of teaching and running retreats. A highly-valued teacher at centres like Arvon and Ty Newydd, formerly Author-in-Residence at Bath Spa University for three years, he is skilled at helping people find the best in their work, gently identifying weaknesses as well as strengths. Above all, he can enable you to feel motivated and powerful with your words.

Marcus is an internationally award-winning writer of novels for adults, teenagers, and younger children, as well as non-fiction, academic chapters and even the odd picture book. You can find out more on his website.

Yoga – by Tanya Smith

Tanya is a local and much-loved yoga teacher. Her classes are extremely popular, and carefully designed to cater for the individual people in front of her; their needs and aims. her classes are included in the price of the “writing + yoga” weeks.

I was introduced to yoga as a teenager. However it was not until I had a family and the pressures that accompany family life that I realised its true benefits. My aim is to introduce others to the benefits yoga can bring.  We all live full but often stressful lives; through yoga, we can learn to relax and find not only our natural balance, but an inner calm as well.   

This can be achieved through the adoption of Asana (exercise), Pranayama (breathing), relaxation, diet, positive thinking and meditation.  

In my lessons I teach Hatha yoga. This path teaches ways of controlling the body and mind, including silent meditation. Classes cover yogic postures, breathing and relaxation techniques and a brief meditation.

 As a result, I hope that students will experience this ancient way of bringing balance into their lives. 


Body work – by Pascaline Jequier

Pascaline is a local therapist, with a range of skills designed to reintegrate body and mind. A session with her can be added to your week, at a reasonable additional cost.

A physiotherapist for more than 10 years, I gradually oriented my practice towards care through massage. I say “treatment through massage” and not just “massage”, because I think that massage is really therapeutic, and not only a matter of “well-being” – that it is a precious help in curing both physical and psychological and emotional ailments.

I have always liked working with my hands, I like the contact of the skin, and through massage I wish to go through the body to heal the being as a whole.

I am trained in Ayurvedic massage, massage for babies and pregnant women, manual therapy, cupping medicine, various energy techniques, and I have recently begun training in fascial therapy.